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  • Paradox


    1h 41m 2017 HD

    When a Hong Kong police negotiator is knowledgeable concerning the sudden disappearance of his 16-year-old...

    Director: Wilson Yip

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Wu Yue

  • Always Be with You

    Always Be with You

    0h 0m 2017 HD

    Taxi driver David, who's doomed after a terminal most cancers prognosis, by accident kills lodge proprietor...

    Director: Herman Yau

    Genre: HD

    Actors: Louis Koo

  • The Adventurers

    The Adventurers

    2h 20m 2017 HD

    The world's prime thieves be part of forces to drag off the heist of a lifetime. However once they discover...

    Director: Stephen Fung

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zhang Jingchu

  • A Plastic Ocean

    A Plastic Ocean

    1h 42m 2016 HD

    A documentary targeted on plastic air pollution on this planet's oceans.

    Director: Craig Leeson

    Genre: Documentary

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon

    1h 39m 1973 HD

    A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord utilizing his invitation to a event there as...

    Director: Robert Clouse

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Yuen Wah

  • Game of Death

    Game of Death

    1h 34m 1978 HD

    Billy Lo is a Hong Kong-based film actor, who's a field workplace draw. His girlfriend, Ann Morris, is...

    Director: Robert Clouse

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Yuen Biao

  • The Big Brawl

    The Big Brawl

    1h 35m 1980 HD

    A younger Asian American martial artist is pressured to take part in a brutal formal street-fight competitors.

    Director: Robert Clouse

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Rosalind Chao

  • Chasing the Dragon

    Chasing the Dragon

    2h 8m 2017 HD

    An unlawful immigrant from Mainland China sneaks into the corrupt British-colonized Hong Kong in 1963,...

    Director: Wong Jing

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Wilfred Lau

  • The Thousand Faces of Dunjia

    The Thousand Faces of Dunjia

    1h 53m 2017 HD

    The world is getting ready to disaster in a chaotic age the place evil demons roam. With the intention...

    Director: Yuen Woo-ping

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zhou Dongyu

  • Project A

    Project A

    1h 46m 1983 HD

    In late 19th Century Hong Kong the British could rule the land, however the pirates rule the waters....

    Director: Jackie Chan

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Yuen Biao

  • No Retreat, No Surrender

    No Retreat, No Surrender

    1h 25m 1986 HD

    Younger Jason Stillwell (Kurt McKinney) strikes together with his dad and mom to Seattle, the place native...

    Director: Corey Yuen

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Tai Chung Kim

  • Twin Dragons

    Twin Dragons

    1h 29m 1992 HD

    Twins, separated at delivery, find yourself as a Hong Kong gangster and a New York live performance pianist....

    Director: Tsui Hark

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Wong Jing

  • The Legend of Drunken Master

    The Legend of Drunken Master

    1h 42m 1994 HD

    Returning residence along with his father after a purchasing expedition, Wong Fei-Hong is unwittingly...

    Director: Liu Chia-Liang

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Ti Lung

  • Naked Weapon

    Naked Weapon

    1h 30m 2002 HD

    A mysterious lady, referred to as Madame M, kidnaps forty pre-teen women and transports them to a distant...

    Director: Ching Siu-Tung

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Renee Nichole Rommeswinkel

  • The Medallion

    The Medallion

    1h 28m 2003 HD

    A Hong Kong detective suffers a deadly accident involving a mysterious medallion and is remodeled into...

    Director: Gordon Chan

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Scott Adkins

  • Shanghai Knights

    Shanghai Knights

    1h 55m 2003 HD

    The dynamic duo of Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon return for an additional loopy journey. This time, they're...

    Director: Lori Wyant

    Genre: Action

    Actors: VladimĂ­r Hrbek

  • Belly of the Beast

    Belly of the Beast

    1h 31m 2003 HD

    Jake and Sunti go to fulfill Mongkol, the chief of the Abu Karaf. Mongkol confirms that ever because...

    Director: Ching Siu-Tung

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Tom Wu

  • Kung Fu Hustle

    Kung Fu Hustle

    1h 39m 2004 HD

    Set in Canton, China within the 1940s, the story revolves in a city dominated by the Axe Gang, Sing who...

    Director: Stephen Chow

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Yuen Wah

  • Astro Boy

    Astro Boy

    1h 34m 2009 HD

    Set in futuristic Metro Metropolis, Astro Boy is a few younger robotic with unbelievable powers created...

    Director: Pablo Calvillo

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Sterling Beaumon

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    2h 0m 2000 HD

    Two warriors in pursuit of a stolen sword and a infamous fugitive are led to an impetuous, physically-skilled,...

    Director: Ang Lee

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zhang Ziyi

  • The Departed

    The Departed

    2h 31m 2006 HD

    To take down South Boston's Irish Mafia, the police ship in considered one of their very own to infiltrate...

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Genre: Crime

    Actors: William Severs

  • Ip Man

    Ip Man

    1h 48m 2008 HD

    A semi-biographical account of Yip Man, the primary martial arts grasp to show the Chinese language martial...

    Director: Wilson Yip

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Xing Yu

  • The Legend Is Born: Ip Man

    The Legend Is Born: Ip Man

    1h 40m 2010 HD

    That includes a number of the most spectacular, modern and explosive martial arts ever staged, The Legend...

    Director: Herman Yau

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zhang Chi

  • Ip Man 2

    Ip Man 2

    1h 49m 2010 HD

    Having defeated the most effective fighters of the Imperial Japanese military in occupied Shanghai, Ip...

    Director: Wilson Yip

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Simon Yam

  • Johnny English Reborn

    Johnny English Reborn

    1h 41m 2011 HD

    Essentially the most outstanding heads of state on the earth start gathering for a convention that might...

    Director: Oliver Parker

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Wale Ojo

  • The Flowers of War

    The Flowers of War

    2h 25m 2011 HD

    A Westerner finds refuge with a gaggle of ladies in a church throughout Japan's rape of Nanking in 1937....

    Director: Zhang Yimou

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Zhang Xinyi

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas

    2h 52m 2012 HD

    A set of six nested tales spanning time between the 19th century and a distant post-apocalyptic future....

    Director: Tom Tykwer

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Zhu Zhu

  • The Man with the Iron Fists

    The Man with the Iron Fists

    1h 36m 2012 HD

    In feudal China, a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village is put within the place the place...

    Director: RZA

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zhu Zhu

  • Chinese Zodiac

    Chinese Zodiac

    1h 49m 2012 HD

    Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) leads a mercenary group to recuperate a number of misplaced artifacts from the...

    Director: Jackie Chan

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zhang Lan-Xin

  • Four Assassins

    Four Assassins

    1h 23m 2013 HD

    4 assassins meet in a resort suite to resolve unfinished enterprise. A tense drama set within the cosmopolitan...

    Director: Stanley J. Orzel

    Genre: HD

    Actors: Will Yun Lee

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